Make Up Tips: Blood Splatter and Stabbing your Friends!

Today I’m going to give you 2 different techniques as both are to simple and easy to do.

So let’s get to the first one Blood splatter

Yes, in movie you can always do this stuff by software and CGI. BUT, imagine that you want the blood to rain through your costume, like you got hit by a bullet or an arrow. I got through this thank’s to the Anime conventions, as a costume with blood splatter always looks cool.

This is one of the most easiest things to do, and you can really have a good time doing this. So let me list the materials you need.

(learned on the previous post, from 6 recipes to make it)

  • Pistol 

(No, you’re not actually going to kill anybody, so throw the real gun away and use one of those that shoot some tinny balls!)

(if you don’t have any pistol at all)


  • Painting brushes

Artist? The Art of killing is yours =)

  • Costume/ anything-at-all-that-you-just-want-to-mess-with-blood
  • Balloons!!! 😀

You can also use a normal bag.

Now, there are 3 methods. One on which is used the nail or the pistol and the balloon, another that uses only the Air compressor and a final one that only needs a brush and fake blood.

Here is the pistol and nail thing:


  1. Fill the balloons/bag with Fake blood. (The bag jumps from this 1st to the 3rd point)
  2. Increase it’s volume by blowing a lot of air into it and shut it. Be sure the balloon is not too small.
  3. Hang them on the costume or on wherever you want to, with a string.
  4. Pick up the pistol/ nail, and hit them.

This the most funny way to get a good blood splatter. Actually I advise this one above, but only for costume characterization =)

For the air compressor, it’s just about spraying and sprinkling…


  1. You put the fake blood on the contender of the air compressor.
  2. Spread the blood until you get what you want.

This one above, I recommend for something like trails of blood. If you’re planning on using it on a costume, be sure you’re not too close from your target. Also, on the costuming, you can get really cool effects by managing the distance your air compressor is from the aim. If you get too far, you’ll only have a few drops of blood. Perfect to simulate that the character was near some bloody explosion. If you get too close, this will leave a huge spot on the clothes… you can use it for injuries.

This last on is a painting technique. Dripping.

The Bloody Artist thing!

  1. Dip the brushes into the fake blood contender.
  2. Make a dripping by spattering your target.

It’s not only a bloody job, like it is also an Art! I recommend that one for more specific trails of blood, like drops on the ground… clothes…

Watch this guys having fun with blood spatters and fake guns:

This is why the balloons need some air.

These is what happens with the bags.

Air compressor used in this one. Perfect distance!


Perfect to use on C.S.I and N.C.I.S L.A

  • NOW. Let’s move to the second part of the Post, shall we?
  • I’m going to teach you How To Stab Your Friends (without actually hurting them )’=

So, this is so easy that I only need to ask you a favor: Select one of your belts to never be used again for clothing. That, or just get some kind of those old black tubes from the greenhouses. Or even just take something that looks like a belt, it’s not a belt,can be tied around someone’s body like a belt or string, and has some hard consistency.

So basically just forget the belt if you have anything else to use.

Then you’ll have some hard work with the scissor or knife, whatever you just want to stab. So select the object you want to use knowing that you’ll never be able of using it again.

So here’s the guide:

  1. If you’re shooting this. You’ve to shoot the object as close as possible to your friend’s clothe, or just make a cut and move to another shot.
  2. Without moving away from the place that the knife stopped when you decided to cut. Mark the place that it was suppose to cut through your friend.
  3. Ask him to take off the clothe (also he won’t use that clothe again) and make a hole through your mark.
  4. Now you pick up the belt and stuck your object across a hole on it, without breaking the belt in two.
  5. You have to carefully make the sharpen tip/s of the scissor/knife/object move to the sides, so it won’t stuck neither harm your friend.
  6. Send the back of the object through the hole in the clothe and prepare to shoot the final footage.
  7. DONE!

Hope you had some fun.

See you on next post!

CVX =)


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